How I spend my free time

I got into photography when I was a teenager. I have learnt and explored different types of photography styles over the years. I love concepts like Urban Exploration and Long Exposures. Astrophotography is something I would like to get into at some point in the future.

Apart from photography, I enjoy anything DIY. I also have fun cooking and baking from time to time. Over the summer of 2022, I had a nice time doing a little bit of gardening. I worked with my mentor to build a planter bed with Cedarwood and 2x4s. As a kid, I found myself watching a lot of videos on woodworking from a youtube channel called 'CottageLifeDIY'. As a result, I enjoy making trips to HomeDepot. With a lot of ideas in my head, I realized it might be worth buying a 3D printer at some point to print custom components for some of my projects.
I also get excited about all things outdoorsy and exploring, like going on a road trip (maybe in an RV or a pickup truck I could customize for overlanding), learning snowboarding, scuba diving, skydiving and going surfing.
While I take the time to develop these hobbies, I share with you some of my favourite pictures I captured over time.

PS - I'm a lazy writer.

San Fransisco, Early 2023.
Barclay Lake, Summer of 2022.
Mt. Ranier
View of Seattle from the top of Space Needle
Ruins near UW Seattle.
Somewhere in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh
Experimenting with long-exposure photography.